Full-time Faculty

Dr. Louis DeCaro Jr.

Dr. Louis DeCaro Jr.

Associate Professor of Church History

Constance Diggs

Constance Diggs

Director of Academic Affairs

Dr. Charles Galbreath

Associate Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary

Dr. Stanley John

Dr. Stanley John

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

Kevin Kriesel

Kevin Kriesel

Associate Director of the D.Min. Program

Robert Reimer

Dr. Robert Reimer

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology

Dr. Cleotha Robertson

Dr. Cleotha Robertson

Associate Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Martin Sanders

Dr. Martin Sanders

Director of DMin in Christian Leadership in the Global Context

Dr. Glen Shellrude

Dr. Glen Shellrude

Professor of New Testament

Dr. Wanda Walborn

Dr. Wanda Walborn

Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation

Dr. Ronald Walborn

Dr. Ronald Walborn

Vice President and Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary & the School of Bible and Christian Ministry

Partnering Adjunct Faculty


Rev. Kelvin Walker

Metro C&MA Superintendant / Partnering Adjunct Faculty • kelvin.walker@nyack.edu

Dr. Steven Tice

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • steven.tice@nyack.edu

Dr. Mike Plunket

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • mike.plunket@nyack.edu

Dr. David Opderbeck

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • david.opderbeck@nyack.edu

Dr. Manohar James

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • manohar.james@nyack.edu

Dr. Nathan Hieb

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • nathan.hieb@nyack.edu

Dr. Kevin Gillen

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • kevin.gillen@nyack.edu

Rev. Charles Galbreath

Field Education Coordinator - NYC / Partnering Adjunct Faculty • charles.galbreath@nyack.edu

Dr. Craig Fee

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • craig.fee@nyack.edu

Dr. Chuck Davis

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • Chuck.davis@nyack.edu

Dr. Amy Davis

Chapel Coordinator / Partnering Adjunct Faculty • Amy.Davis@nyack.edu

Dr. Shawn Craigmiles

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • shawn.craigmiles@nyack.edu

Dr. Doug Bortner

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • doug.bortner@nyack.edu

Adjunct Faculty


Edward Wright

Online Adjunct Faculty • edward.wright@nyack.edu

Mr. Jeff Quinn

Vice President for College Relations / Adjunct Faculty • jeff.quinn@nyack.edu

Dr. Robert Parker

Adjunct Faculty • robert.parker@nyack.edu

Michelle Park

Adjunct Faculty • michelle.park@nyack.edu

Dr. Gregg Orr

Director of Online Programs • gregg.orr@nyack.edu

Rev. Jose Montes

Adjunct Faculty • jose.montes@nyack.edu

Russell Mack

Online Adjunct Faculty • russell.mack@nyack.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Duerler

Partnering Adjunct Faculty • Jeffrey.duerler@nyack.edu

Mrs. Constance Diggs

Associate Director of Academic Support / Adjunct Faculty • constance.diggs@nyack.edu

Rev. Brian Davis

Adjunct Faculty • brian.davis@nyack.edu

Dr. Delafayette Awkward

Adjunct Faculty • delafayette.awkward@nyack.edu

Professors Emeriti

William V. Crockett, Professor Emeritus of New Testament (Rockland Campus),B.A., University of Winnipeg; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Glasgow.  1980.

David A. Denyer, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Archaeology.  B.A., Simpson College; B.A., Wheaton College; M.Div., Golden Gate Seminary; Ph.D., Southern Baptist Seminary.  23 years ATS professor.

Tite TienouProfessor Emeritus of Missiology. B.S., Nyack College; M.Th., Faculte libre de Theologic; M.A., Ph.D., Fuller Seminary. 1984.

R. Bryan WidbinProfessor Emeritus of Old Testament. B.A., John Brown University; Th.M., M.Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; M.A., Ph.D. Brandeis University. 1985.