ATS Alumni Association - Alliance University

Welcome ATS Alumni!

Greetings Alumni and Friends of ATS,

We, the members of the ATS Alumni Association, are here to support you. Our desire is to serve you and encourage you in your endeavors for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Our goal as a board is fourfold:

  • To advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ and thereby hasten His return
  • To support the graduates of ATS in order to support their ministry and continued education
  • To raise financial support for Nyack College and ATS so that its mission to prepare Christian leaders who will “take the whole Gospel to the whole world” can be fulfilled
  • To encourage and build into the future graduates of ATS

As graduates of ATS, we have received an excellent education and preparation for ministry from our alma mater and are proud to be known as alumni. ATS graduates can be found all over the globe sharing the Gospel. We would love to hear what you are doing in ministry and where so that we may rejoice with you and serve you better. We would also appreciate any ideas or insights you may have on how we can serve you better. Our desire is to see ATS become more involved in the lives and ministries of our alumni and more alumni involved in continuing education and the support of ATS.

As I take over the position of ATS Alumni President, I ask for your prayers. Pray that God grant me the wisdom, compassion, and strength to effectively fulfill this ministry to which I have been called.

In closing, I encourage you to continue to grow in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Never cease to share the love and forgiveness that you have received from God through his Son.

Grace, mercy and peace to you,
Rev. Hector Ramirez,
President, ATS Alumni Association