This page describes the step-by-step process of applying to Alliance Theological Seminary. The page includes links to apply online to ATS, an application process checklist PDF, and a link to complete your FAFSA.

ATS Admissions - Nyack College

Submit your Essays & Personal Statement, General ReferencePastoral Reference, and
other requirements detailed in the Application Checklist.

ATS Admissions - Nyack College

After we receive all of your completed application materials, you will receive notification of your admission status.

ATS Admissions - Nyack College

A financial aid assessment will be made once you are
accepted for admissions AND have completed your FAFSA.

ATS Admissions - Nyack College

Students must submit documentation of the MMR (2 doses) and Meningitis vaccinations prior to enrollment:  Immunization Record Form. Students who have not received the meningitis vaccine can choose to waive it here: Meningitis Waiver.  Not required for online students.

What degree programs does ATS offer?

As a Seminary we believe that holistic ministry can bring change in people’s lives. A complete theological education must address both the academic and spiritual needs of the student. That is why we have committed to growing people ready to influence the world around them through a strong biblical and theological foundation, an understanding of the relationship between the Bible and contemporary culture, and a commitment to Spiritual Formation.
We offer the following degree programs: Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity, Master of Professional Studies, and Master of Arts.

Is ATS accredited?

ATS is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Theological Schools.

Are there housing options?

Housing is only available on the Rockland Campus for full-time ATS students who have relocated to attend seminary.

Does ATS offer grants or scholarships?

Institutional grants are available at both campuses. Once your application is complete, your admissions counselor will inform you of your eligibility for any financial aid available (institutional grants, scholarships, outside aid, etc.). Most grants and scholarships require that the student be full-time (minimum of 9 credits per semester).

Can I work full-time and still attend classes?

The flexibility of the ATS schedule and the location of both the NYC and Rockland campuses make it possible for students to work full-time and continue to serve in ministry while attending classes. Currently there are many full and part-time students studying at ATS.

When will I hear if my application is approved?

Once all of your application materials are received, the Director of Admissions will notify you of your acceptance status within a few weeks.

Do I have to complete an internship? Will ATS help me find an internship?

For the MPS and M.Div. degree programs, a field experience is required. ATS will assist students with internship placement in a church or para-church organization, but students are also encouraged to find a “field experience” in their current context of ministry.

What kind of work do ATS alumni do?

ATS alumni pastor here in the United States, lead community organizations, serve in other countries, teach in bible schools, and participate in many other areas of ministry.

Are you returning to ATS after previously withdrawing from your program?  If so, please note the following readmission guidelines:

Less than one calendar year:

If you’ve been absent less than one calendar year, you can reenroll through the Registrar’s Office.  The calendar year is determined by the last month you attended class and the first month you plan to start.

More than one calendar year:

If you’ve been absent more than one calendar year, you must submit the application for readmission, a pastor’s recommendation and official transcripts of other schools attended during your absence.

More than seven years:

If you’ve been absent for more than seven years, you will need to repeat the entire application process and reorder all transcripts.