Alumni Giving Campaign - Alliance University

Dear Alumni:

You might have earned your degree from Nyack College or Alliance Theological Seminary 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. Still today, I’m certain there’s a memory of your College or Seminary days lingering in a corner of your mind.

You might have been one of the students who babysat for campus neighbors, shoveled snow or raked leaves. Or perhaps, you performed at Carnegie Hall with the Chorale or went on the Carol and Candlelight Tour. Did you serve and minister with the Jewel Gatherers or the Brooklyn, Queens or Chinatown Gospel Teams? Were you a standout player on one of our sports teams? Or are you one of the fortunate in the thousands who left with a degree—and a spouse? Maybe you made a lifelong friend who continues to support and pray for you through the good and challenging seasons of life.

These prompts evoke memories of the life-changing impact and relationships your alma mater provided. As you make those stops on Memory Lane, I’m asking you to consider a financial gift. The key in your giving is not the amount, but your participation. I realize our more recent grads may still be paying off student loans, but when I ask you to give, I mean literally give ANY amount! For instance, if you graduated in 1968, you could give $0.68, $6.80, $19.68, $68, $680, $1,968 or $19,680. Or if you graduated from the class of 1995, consider a gift of $0.95, $9.50, $19.95, $95, $199.50, $950 or $1,950. Would you choose a gift amount that aligns with your class year, your season of life or the God-given resources that allow you to be a blessing?

Your gift combined with many others makes a powerful difference. Some alumni are concerned that their gifts won’t really count unless it’s a large one. To that line of thinking a wise woman (#BarbaraBush) once said, “Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.” Imagine adding as little as your $1 to thousands of others. That is the power of many!

You may ask who benefits from such an initiative? Current and prospective students. The young men and women, who just like you were ambassadors for the campus in the surrounding community. The ones who have been cast members in our performing arts productions or who have sung or played an instrument in our Lincoln Center concerts. The ones who will hopefully soon return to serving the homeless on the streets of NYC in the campus club, Students Against Hunger, or participate in one of the overseas Global Service-Learning trips. The ones who are praying for finances that will allow them to earn a Nyack or ATS degree. These are the students your gift will support.

You may never meet one of the students who benefit from your gracious act of kindness, but I’m impressed to share the sentiments that a 2021 graduate is taking with him:

The enthusiasm and the gratitude you read in his words is what we want to continue to hear as we remain committed to our mission of preparing men and women to share the whole Gospel in the whole world—whether they are speaking it or demonstrating it as living epistles.

Today, as we stand on the threshold of a new beginning—with President Rajan Mathews as our new Chief Executive Officer and enter what is becoming society’s new normal—we need to rally together like never before. So, I’m asking you to demonstrate to our new president that he has accepted the baton as the leader of a strong community of men and women who believe in the legacy of Nyack and ATS. Strong and steady alumni giving preserves the value of your earned degree.  If we don’t support the mission, why should others?

Like never before in our lifetimes, your single act of kindness can be life-changing. In this unimaginable world we’ve come to know, how significant would it be that you recall your good Nyack/ATS memories and pay that opportunity forward? May I count on hearing from you soon?


Alumni Giving Campaign - Alliance University
David C. Jennings

Executive Vice President & Treasurer

P.S. Your gifts made in the coming weeks will help us proceed through the summer months strongly as we prepare for the 2021-22 academic year. For your convenience, you can visit our website,, where you will find a convenient and secure online giving tool. Thank you in advance for showing your support for your alma mater!

Alumni Giving Campaign - Alliance University