WNYK-FM is Nyack College’s non-commercial, educational radio station first licensed in 1982. WNYK-FM is Rockland County’s only non-commercial FM radio station. It operates at 88.7 MHz on the FM band. This frequency allows WNYK to cover over a 10-mile radius with a potential audience of 300,000+. WNYK’s City of License is NYACK NY, not just the campus of Nyack College. WNYK’s goal is to offer a wide variety of entertainment, music, news, sports, and specialty programming. WNYK 88.7 prides itself on being the positive alternative to much of mainstream music in both its sound and through it’s message. WNYK’s main format is Rock, Rock Alternative, and Christian music. The mix is deliberate, based on the premise that non-Christian music can be used to create a window of opportunity to deliver outreach messages to our community. The playlist mix also leaves room for other types of music and radio shows. The secular alternative Rock music played on WNYK is carefully selected. Only music free of foul language and obviously impure ideas is permitted, in order to enable WNYK’s on-air personalities to express the message of Jesus Christ by turning the lyrics toward positive commentary.