Our Facilities Department is responsible for three (3) main areas:

  1.  CUSTODIAL:  Providing a clean campus through daily cleaning of public and common areas, classrooms, offices, and resident hall restrooms (when not occupied).  A group of Nyack College students comprise our Housekeeping Staff.  They do an amazing job as they clean for their professors and peers.
  2.  MAINTENANCE:  Caring for the physical buildings through preventative, routine and by request maintenance.  Facilities maintains campus grounds and all Nyack College buildings – dorms, offices, classrooms, the cafeteria – wherever we are needed.  We do preventative maintenance to avoid issues, but inevitably, much of what this department does is problem solving – like fixing heating and air conditioning issues, repairing overflowing toilets, resetting breakers and assisting the I.T. Department in keeping everyone connected. The work can often be dirty and uncomfortable, but our teams work together with great attitudes and big hearts to keep things going. Afterall, “Happiness is not the absence of problems – it’s the ability to deal with them.”  – Steve Maraboli
  3.  SAFETY:  Protecting our Faculty, Staff and Students by regulating parking so we know who is on campus; monitoring of activity by our security officers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Read more in the section n Security below.