This degree offers strong foundational preparation for any of the four bachelor’s degrees in ministry at Nyack College.  It also offers strong liberal arts preparation for the transition to a four-year degree program at any academic institution.  Additionally, this degree program offers preliminary training in biblical preaching and teaching.

Why Study Biblical Studies at Nyack?

Nyack offers advanced courses in biblical study that are taught by world class scholars who have a heart for the ministry of the local Christian church.

What Will I Study?

You will take one survey and one advanced course in the Old Testament as well as one survey and one advanced course in the New Testament.  You will also take one course in hermeneutics, the science of biblical interpretation, and one course in the history of theology.

Career Opportunities

This degree program provides strong liberal arts preparation for a bachelor’s degree as well as preliminary preparation for church work (e.g., preaching and teaching).

Our Graduates

Graduates of this Biblical Studies program smoothly transition to the ministerial bachelor’s degrees at Nyack College.

Key Faculty

Dr. Amy Davis

Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah

Professor of Theology and Bible

Dr. David Emanuel

Dr. David Emanuel

Professor of Bible

Dr. Jeffrey Garcia

Dr. Jeffrey Garcia

Associate Professor of Bible

Dr. Steven Notley

Dr. Steven Notley

Distinguished Professor of Bible

At a Glance

Credits:  60
Standard Completion Time:  2  years
Specialized Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education