8/14/2020: Update from President Scales on Nyack College Guidance for the Fall 2020 Semester

8/14/2020: Update from President Scales on Nyack College Guidance for the Fall 2020 Semester

Note: This is Nyack College’s plan as of August 14, 2020. Obviously, things continue to change rapidly in regard to the pandemic and we will respond to any local or national changes and revise the policy as necessary to continue to ensure a safe and healthy campus. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the planning process and those of you who provided input through surveys and interviews.

After spending the past several weeks on extensive collaborative research and outreach, we have planned an approach for delivering courses to all of our student body and opening our new undergraduate residence hall. These stages allow us to limit campus density, specifically classroom occupancy, and allow us to adapt and respond to any changes in the circumstances related to COVID-19. All courses for fall 2020 will be available through one of the online formats, including live streaming of in person classes.

Nyack College plans to open campus facilities to faculty, staff and students in stages. Currently, we are in Stage I and preparing for Stage II.

  • Stage I: March 16, 2020 – Essential personnel facilitating operations and preparing the campus for full reopening.
  • Stage II: September 1, 2020 – Administration, staff and faculty are permitted to return to campus to prepare for the start of the fall 2020 semester.
  • Stage III: September 9, 2020 – Fall classes begin in a variety of formats. Students studying on ground can come to the physical campus.
  • Stage IV: October 3-15, 2020 – Residential students scheduled for staggered appointments to move into housing. Note: Students who applied for housing will receive communication directly from the Housing Office with their specific move-in date.
  • Stage V: TBD – Full on campus activities and course schedules reinstated.

Next week we will release more details for the following elements of reopening and operating for the duration of COVID-19 as outlined and required by the NY State Department of Health:

  • PHASE I   Reopening of the campus.
  • PHASE II   Monitoring of health conditions.
  • PHASE III   Containment of potential transmission of the virus.
  • PHASE IV   Shut down of in person operations on the campus, if necessitated by widespread COVID-19 transmission.


Classes begin as originally scheduled on Wednesday, September 9 and run through Tuesday, December 22. Our fall 2020 semester for students and faculty consists of a variety of course delivery methods. The following is a summary of the delivery modalities reflected in the course schedule in your student portal.

Course  Coding Description Asynchronous  or  Synchronous Location  of  Professor Delivery
On Campus: NA, NB, etc.

This class meets in a physical classroom with in person instruction.

Synchronous On Campus In Person
On Campus: Hybrid – NZ

This course includes both classroom instruction and an online component. On ground attendance dates are predetermined.

Asynchronous or
On campus for the courses taught in person In Person and e360 or Zoom
Online: OA, OB, etc.

This class is provided in a strictly online format where a student logs in and works independently.

Asynchronous On or off campus e360
Online: Live Stream – NLS

This class requires log in during a set weekly time and is interactive with traditional classroom instruction. This is a cross-listed class that is also being offered on ground.

Synchronous On or off campus. On campus if the class is also listed as an on campus course. Zoom

On Campus or Online: Guided Study – NGS or NOGS

Courses below 8 in any given delivery method may be changed to a guided study. Asynchronous or
On or off campus In Person and e360 or Zoom

On Campus or Online: Independent/ Directed Study – NY

Courses where students are working individually with a professor and create an alternate syllabus. Asynchronous or
On or off campus In Person and e360 or Zoom

A course update will be posted online and sent via your nyack.edu student email by Wednesday, August 19.

The reopening plan will provide additional information on COVID-19 testing, required daily health assessments, isolation, quarantining and contact tracing, as well as information regarding students who come from beyond the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region, including international students.



We thank you for your trust and cooperation as we plan for this unprecedented academic year. This is a difficult period for all of us. Many have family or friends who were affected by the coronavirus and we have learned the value and strength of a community that cares for each other. We are excited to welcome our students, faculty and staff back this fall, even in these unusual circumstances. May God give us the patience, strength, courage and love to navigate this semester. And may we sense His peace and presence in ways that we have never before felt.