6/29/2020: Fall 2020 Registration Update

6/29/2020: Fall 2020 Registration Update

To make registration safe for all of the Nyack College/ATS community, a few significant changes are being made for Fall 2020. Please read the following so that you are up to speed on what you’ll need to do differently to be cleared for class attendance.

  1. Registration for Fall 2020 is being expanded to begin Monday, August 10th. This means that as of this day, you can be fully cleared to be a student for Fall 2020. You will have 4 weeks to ensure all steps are completed – from August 10th to September 4th. Many students come the week before classes start or even the first week of classes to get cleared. Please note: due to COVID, the first week of classes will be devoted to add/drop for existing schedules and last minute new students.
  2. A new security turnstile system will be in place for Fall 2020. Returning students will be issued new ID cards granting access to the building once financially cleared.
  3. Please take time NOW to complete the registration steps outlined below so that you can be fully cleared in August and not miss a beat in returning to school. Virtual Appointments will be available soon for help with classes and getting financially cleared.

Registration Steps:

  1. Advisement (if required)
  2. Complete FAFSA and resolve any holds
  3. Self-Register through portal
  4. Get financially cleared
  5. Complete Registration Acknowledgement
  6. Get new ID card

Stay tuned for more details from individual departments, but for now, please know your health and safety is paramount to us and we look forward serving you.

God bless you!

Student Financial Services, Admissions, Registrar, Student Development, and Facilities.