You Are Not Your Major


I’ve been writing blogs about being an Education Major, what that means, ways to thrive and survive as this strange species who are filled with heart and hardcore motivation.

I’ve been writing blog after blog on this topic, which makes sense. It’s a college blog, right?



I need to share something with you. I can’t write all those blogs about succeeding in your major without mentioning this, and in fact this is something more important than all those blogs. It’s something that shakes my focus back to its rightful place on those days, those days when ambition and goals just don’t suffice, those days when dreams may or may not be there, the days when the learning curve makes you feel like you’re accomplishing nothing.


What I have to tell you I do not whisper. What I have to tell you I scream. You are not your major. Let me repeat that…whether you are a Nursing, Business, Pastoral Ministry, Education, or Basket Weaving Major, you are not your major. It does not define you. You do not, you cannot wrap up your identity in what your college major is.

Let me explain why you cannot do this.

Your identity needs to be in something unmoved, something stable,– something fixed. One semester you might be a Business Major wandering through Accounting 101 , but the next semester what if God calls you to study English? You cannot place your identity in something that can change.

You also might struggle through that major, even if it’s where God has called you. Your studies can be difficult, and the learning curve is real. There might be semesters when you aren’t the perfect Education Major (or fill-in-the-blank major). You cannot tangle up your identity in how well you are performing in your major. This doesn’t mean you don’t give 100%, doesn’t mean you don’t try, but it means you give yourself room to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow, but you cannot place your identity in something that can change.


The only place you can place your identity, the only place you can anchor yourself, is in Christ, finally, truly in Christ. If you try to find your identity in what you are doing you will constantly be struggling with who you are, especially through college when majors, relationships, jobs, and everything else can change between the semester and the summer.

Do not define yourself by how well you are doing in life.

One semester you might be running, edging forward, winning, and then the next semester you may find yourself struggling. Define yourself by the constancy of the Living Word who is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever even through our twenty-somethings.