Woman Program Marks a 10th Year Milestone

Reflecting on a brainstorming session with her colleagues, Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah once shared, “When Wanda Velez , Wanda Walborn, and I met in the fall of 2010 to plan a rite of passage program for spring 2011, I didn’t even dream that “Woman” would grow to be a year-long process, produce two journal articles, The Book of Womanhood (Cascade Books), and form a strong community.”

The cohort of women, who were introduced at the 10th Woman Initiation Ceremony last month, will attend the first of their four fall classes on October 13.

Participants this year include Emmanuelle Boursiquot, Nina Faleska, Debbie Drake, Cece Humphrey, and Yun Song. The group’s size lends itself to more intimate guidance from the team of instructors and mentors in the two-semester exploration of womanhood.

As the program relocates to the Nyack campus in Manhattan, Dr. Davis Abdallah looks ahead with enthusiasm, encouraged by a successful decade of life-changing ministry to young women.

The Bible professor and author commented, “We are excited to embark on this journey in this transition year.”