Winners of the 2016 Student Research Conference

Nyack’s recent Fifth Annual Student Research Conference was held on the Rockland County campus in Bowman Gymnasium. This year’s theme was "Level Up: Pursuing Excellence in the Academic Disciplines" and was also the topic addressed by panelists Kevin Pinkham, Scott Fagerlund, and David Chun. This conference was  the largest to date with 64 posters and 140 student presenters and some 175 attendees.

The 2016 winners of the poster competition are:

1st place "Fast Growing Salmon – First Genetically Modified Animal": Emily Barner, Patrick Findley, Maridalia Lillis and Carol Min (pictured above)

2nd place" The Problem with Peanuts": Carol Sohn, Donyelle Harrigan and Elizabeth Brumley

3rd place "Investing in the Relationship between Emotional and Spiritual Health”: Travaughn Groce, Jessica Roberts, Jessica Lugo and Raquel Mullings

Nursing Poster Winner: "A Nurses Role in Breaking the Chains Sex Trafficking" Leslie Varughese

Honorable Mention "More than Dating? E-Companionship": Jae Woo Kim, Titus Sam and Benjamin Tse

Dr. Jacqueline Washington, Biology and Chemistry Department Chair and Professor is grateful to Charles Beach, Bev Locke, Wenbo Yan, Peter Park, Daniel Kaluka, Emma Emanuel, Kevin Pinkham, Ben Schepens, Rexi Thomas, Inseon Hwang, Maureen Kroning, and David Chun, who all served as judges.