Update on Jersey City Residence Hall

Nyack College continues to move toward repositioning all of its academic and student programs to its New York City campus. As part of this repositioning, the college is preparing a unique and exciting undergraduate residence experience in Jersey City, New Jersey. Nyack will open a residence hall that, when completed, will serve over 400 undergraduate students and provide on-site dining and fitness facilities—all just a short walk and train ride from the lower Manhattan campus.

While Nyack’s administration is eager to make this exceptional facility available to our students, we have encountered delays that will prevent us from opening the Jersey City residence facility for the 2020 spring semester. The college now intends to open the Jersey City facility for the fall 2020 semester, and is working closely with the building owner and his management team who are committed to completing this project in our new timeframe.

We encourage students to follow along for updates, including architectural drawings, proposed new furniture and food service plans for the Jersey City residence facility, at https://nyackinnyc.org/housing-building/.

For the 2020 spring semester, Nyack’s undergraduate program will continue to operate from its South Nyack, NY campus and hold all athletic events at its Rockland County venues. Any questions about this may be directed to the appropriate staff as specified at https://nyackinnyc.org/directory/.

This fall, all of Nyack’s seminary and graduate programs completed their successful consolidation to the New York City campus. Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) enrolled 87 new students, and now has a total of 384 students studying in New York City. These New York-based ATS students join 131 students in Puerto Rico and 60 studying online (23 new) for a total seminary enrollment of 573 students. Nyack’s other graduate programs have a combined enrollment of 407 students. The combined enrollment for seminary and graduate programs is 980 students.

Traditional enrollment for new undergraduate students totaled 187 this fall, with a total undergraduate enrollment of 817 students between the two New York State locations. An additional 231 undergraduate students are enrolled in Nyack’s prison program (87), adult degree completion program (26), online studies (81) and Puerto Rico campus (37). Total undergraduate enrollment is 1,048 students for the fall semester. Total undergraduate, graduate and seminary enrollment now totals 2,028 students.

Nyack College looks forward to completing the transition of its undergraduate students to New York City, and is enthusiastic about opening the Jersey City resident facility in the fall of 2020. This facility will serve undergraduate students by providing an outstanding residence experience for many decades to come.