UPDATE: ATS/Nyack Campus in Puerto Rico

As our campus community prays for everyone affected or threatened by Hurricane Irma and those still reeling from the calamity of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) dean, Dr. Ron Walborn, shared an update on our Puerto Rico campus.

ATS Rockland County dean, Dr. Ron Walborn spoke with Executive Director of Seminario Teológico de Puerto Rico (ATS)/Nyack College Dr. Julio Aponte. Dr. Walborn reports that “Dr. Aponte was able to get into the building and there is one broken window, but no other damage to the campus. All of the faculty, staff and students have checked in that they are safe. They are without power at this time, along with much of the island, and it may be an extensive time before electricity is restored." 

Please continue to pray.