Twenty-five Nyack College Contributors to SEA-PHAGES Research

A major research paper, “Whole genome comparison of a large collection of mycobacteriophages reveals a continuum of phage genetic diversity,” based on work done in the SEA-PHAGES program was published in eLife, one of the premier science journals.  More than 3000 authors (students and faculty) who contributed to various aspects of the project included 25 from Nyack.

As an associate member of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Alliance (HHMI-SEA) Nyack College students have participated in the HHMI SEA-PHAGES course for college students, who make real discoveries by doing research on viruses that infect bacteria, known as phage. This involvement offers students ownership of a project, the opportunity to publish, and contribute to the scientific community and the ability to measure progress.

Nyack College contributors to the project included the following faculty and students:

Dr. Jacqueline M. Washington, Dr. Peter J. Park and Nyack students, Lanese Henry, Patrick Abbazia Michelle Ahn, Emily Barner, Lydia Carlin, Darren Chew, Renee Curry, Thressa DaSilva, Bethany DeVault Zachary   DeLong, Jake Hackel, Donyelle Harrigan, Matthew Kern, Deborah Kim, Christine  Kline, Sarah Mam, Yolanda Morgan, Eddy Santos, Vincent Scuttaro, Jacqueline Simeon, Michael Teti, Vanessa V, Jessica Bryant, and Mitchell Woodford were contributing authors.

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