Top 9 Things You’ll Miss While at College

So you’ve made it to college, the big leagues. You’ve finally gotten out of the house and on to bigger things. Actually, I’m willing to bet that your dorm room is smaller than you imagined. Anyway, that’s not the point. While there is a lot about college that is amazing and freeing, there are a few downsides, some things that are better at home.

1. A Home Cooked Meal
Cafeteria food will never replace a home cooked meal. That’s just how it is. Though they try, the chefs in the caf can’t make pasta sauce like my mother. No one can.

To combat the longing for home-cooking, I recommend keeping little reminders of home around in your dorm. Maybe your favorite snack foods from home, like chips and hummus or your favorite salsa.

2. Your Own Bathroom
There is just something wonderful about not having another human next to you (or the next stall over) when you’re in the restroom. Call me crazy, but some things are better done alone.

I recommend bringing along a little speaker or just your phone speaker when you shower. Listening to your favorite song and singing off key makes it feel more like your own shower at home. (But don’t play/sing so loudly that the whole floor can hear you. Don’t be that guy. No one likes that guy.)

Spending a little bit extra to get the huge, fluffy towels doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Cooking in Your Own Kitchen
I love to cook. I always have. Granted, it has always been in my own kitchen, a kitchen that has everything I need and I know where all of those things are. I also don’t need an RA to unlock said kitchen.

4. Not Having to Label Everything You Own
This one is only partially true. I don’t know about you, but my family thinks that any takeout box that finds its way into the kitchen is fair game unless someone puts their name on it. And even then. . . You know, that actually does sound a lot like college. Never mind.

5. Free Laundry
This one speaks for itself.

6. Friends and Family
Yeah, your siblings annoy you and your parents don’t give you enough space. But nothing beats coming together as a family, even as a dysfunctional one.

7. Your Home Church
I don’t know about you, but I come from a very small town where everyone knows everyone. My church is the same way. We have a congregation of about 150 or so, and they are the village that helped raise me. Going to Sunday service there is going home.

8. The Familiarity of Your Hometown
Exploring your new college town is wonderful and exciting, but there is comfort in driving the streets on which you grew up.

9. Freedom
Didn’t see this one coming, did you? It is a widely-held belief that you have more freedom when you are in college than you have in high school. There is certainly some truth to that. But I long for the days of not having to worry about student loans, the job market, and whether or not I can manage two jobs with my current course load.

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Alexis Mazey
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