Top 2019 Stories from our News Hub IAMNYACK

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2019, we’d like to share with you the top stories from our college.  From program accolades to student highlights to campus consolidation, here’s the Nyack College news that mattered most to you.

#10: Two Familiar Faces Become Nyack College/ATS Vice Presidents

Rising up through the ranks, two beloved figures in the Nyack community now hold two of the highest seats in our school.  Congratulations to Wanda Velez and Dr. Charles Hammond for a monumental year!

#9:  2019 Archaelogical Dig in Israel: Behind the Scenes with Dr. R. Steven Notley

Finding the Lost City of the Apostles has been a career passion for Professor Notley.  With the dig in its fourth season, signs indicate that he might have indeed found the city of Peter and Andrew below the bedrock at El Araj.

#8: Accreditation for Nyack College School of Education Through Spring 2026

Congratulations to Dr. Looney and her staff for attaining accreditation through The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).  Our students are rigorously trained to be Christian leaders in the classroom.

#7: Juan Picart: A Life with “God and God Alone”

It is not easy to say goodbye to our alumni, especially ones like Juan who greatly impacted our college community.  His personal transformation was an illustration of what a life with the Lord can achieve.  His passing was felt throughout the student body and staff.

#6: Cassandra Menard: A 2019 Nyack College Valedictorian

Finishing college with a 4.0 is not an easy feat.  Cassandra’s journey to valedictorian is nothing short of hard work, community support and determination. Congratulations, Cassandra!

#5: Benjamin Tse: A 2019 Nyack College Valedictorian

An international student, Benjamin knew a college in New York was not exactly what many thought he’d choose.  But our community has loved having him here.  Congratulations, Ben!

#4: Update on Jersey City Residence Hall

This brand new facility in Jersey City is located a short walk and train ride to the Manhattan Campus. On site, the residence hall will have dining options, gym and common areas for our undergraduate students.

#3: Nyack Digs into Season 4 of the El Araj Project in Israel

Students, staff and even our President Mike Scales pick up their pickaxes! The fourth year at the El Araj Archaeological dig has been a highly anticipated moment. 

#2:  US News and World Report Recognizes Diversity and Social Mobility at Nyack College

At Nyack College we are intentionally diverse and focus on personal transformation.  We are utterly grateful to be recognized by the U.S. News and World Report!

#1: Teaching: A Calling vs. Profession

This article is a cornerstone of our news hub.  Written in 2017 by Alexis Mazey, the article explores the difference between getting a job and finding a calling.  Teaching is one of those fields that draws some of the most dedicated Christian leaders!