Three Lessons I Learned about Worship

senior talks about chapel

Between chapels and small groups over the past four years, I’ve probably been involved in corporate worship here at Nyack about 400 times. There are several things I’ve learned from chapel speakers, my fellow students, and worship leaders, but Nyack College as a community has taught me so much about worship.

  1. There’s no one way. Worshipping God is so much more than singing worship songs. I’ve always loved attending creative arts chapel because I believe it’s a glimpse into heaven. The dance and step teams do routines, students do special music numbers, and there’s often works of art being created during the service. We still sing worship songs corporately, but it means so much more to do so while surrounded by so many other forms of worship.
  2. There’s no right way. This point really hits home for me. When I first came to Nyack, I was a little self-conscious because the people around me were much more expressive in their worship than I had ever been. I began questioning my relationship with God and wondering if my lack of outward expression was a sign of a deeper issue. In spending more time worshipping corporately and talking to people I looked up to, I realized that there is no one right way to worship God. He meets everyone where they are at and is satisfied by any form of expression as long as it comes from our hearts.
  3. Don’t take anything for granted. Scanning in for chapel three times a week can get mundane. I often had other things on my mind like what classes I had later on that day and the homework I was getting behind on. In my last few chapels, however, I’ve begun to wish that I had been more intentional about enjoying my time in chapel. Participating in Nyack College chapel truly is a unique experience and I doubt I’ll ever find a worship community quite like this one.

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