The Legacy of Service at Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary

Awards for years of service were presented at the year-end luncheon for faculty and staff at Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary on Monday, May 8.

For their dedicated service of 30 years to the College and Seminary, School of Education professor Dr. Christine Buel and Director of Centralized Admissions Mrs. Cindy Jennings were honored.  English professor, Dr. Charles Beach was recognized for twenty-five years of service.

Dr. JoAnn Looney, dean of the School of Ed, described Dr. Buel as “a faithful woman of God, who embraces and embodies the department’s philosophy of SALT (Service, Academics, Leadership and Teaching). Dr. Buel’s service to the College and to the community spans the decades through College committee work, extra-curricular programming in the Department to Soup Angels and to the Nyack Homeless Project. As an experienced, passionate educator, her academic educational philosophy was coined by a School of Ed blogger: "Don't say, I can't do this. You need to say, I can't do this–yet."

As an introduction to 30-year-veteran employee Cindy Jennings, Vice President for Admissions Dr. Bill Voltmer shared words that she included on her Nyack College employment application 30 years ago:  to “endeavor, to the best of her ability through the enlistment of God's grace, to work and so to live her entire life as to give consistent witness and hearty support to the ideals, standards, and beliefs for which the college stands. For the past 10,950 days of her Nyack/ATS employment, Cindy is known as the trusted, clear-thinking, go-to-person who can make sense of ambiguous data points, simplify their meaning, and present back possible implications. More importantly, she does this while putting the other person first, anticipating needs, treating others fairly and lovingly and always striving to balance timeliness and quality.”

English Department Chair Dr. Jonathan Gates described Dr. Charles Beach as “a hiker, book collector, family historian, New York C. S. Lewis Society presenter, WNYK radio station DJ, former Missionarian yearbook and Forum advisor, and College Writing research paper specialist. Dr. Beach is a gentle soul with a sharp pen and a passion for his students to think and write well and a longing for people to love their neighbor. His legendary office, overflowing with books and papers, testifies to his twenty-five-year pilgrimage with students and faculty—a theme that runs through his personal and professional studies beginning with his graduate work on Charles Williams and continuing through his exploration of his ancestors in Europe and resulting in his writing many poems in which he makes sense of our human journey.”

Other years of service awards included the following.

Twenty Years of Service: Dr. David Ahn and Evangeline Couchey

Fifteen Years of Service:  Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah, Dr. Stephen Bennett, Henok Ephraim, Denise Hirschlein, Dr. Marcia Lucas, Percelene MCLain, Dr. Josue Perez, Barbara Pierce, Althea Session-Lovett, Dr. Dana Talley and Millicent Waterman

Ten Years of Service: Dr. Elias Dantas, Dr. Louis DeCaro, Jr., Isaac Foster, Dr. Lars Fransden, Kevin Kriesel, Rebecca Noss, Autumn-Carol Nova and Dr. Kevin Pinkham

Five Years of Service: Jason Crafton, Dr. Elaine Eng, Dr. Jeffrey Garcia, Dr. Maureen Kroning, Grace Mathew, Yee McLeod, Steve Nehlsen, Louis Sanchez, Cornelius Spitzer, Dr. Lisa Steiner and Dr. Andrezej Wlodarczyk.

Faculty promotions from assistant professor to associate professor were announced for Dr. Jung Hang Lee, Dr. Peter Park and Dr. Wenbo Yan.

Congratulations to all for your invaluable service!