The Four People who Helped Me Become Valedictorian

13162373_10207679532699084_676881542_nOne of Nyack College’s 2016 valedictorians, Tehillah Eskelund is graduating with a B.A. in Psychology. She grew up in Centerville, MA, where she loves to frolic on the beach in a sundress, sit in trees and read books (yes, she is nerdy and proud of it), and go on impromptu adventures with friends. Here’s what Tehillah had to say when I asked her who helped her reach the incredible accomplishment of valedictorian!

Tehillah: Two of the people who helped me become valedictorian were my mom and dad. My mom always pushed me to do my best, even when it hurt, and she was willing to comfort me through all the tears that that implied. She probably worked just as hard as I did for these four years, just being a support to me. I am so grateful to her for it! My dad also pushed me and supported me, and he inspired me to love learning. Every time I mentioned something new I had learned, he would be sure to engage me in an exciting academic conversation on the topic.

My brother, Luke, also helped me become valedictorian. He’s been a sense of comic relief while on campus, always ready for a laugh (but willing to give me a hug when there were tears). He’s been a trustworthy friend. Two other people who have helped me throughout college are Angie and Olaf Valli. Their home has been a safe haven for me, a place of peace where God is ever present. Never once have they closed their doors to me, even though they have their own full schedules. They are a second family to me, and I love them like my own.

There are so many other people I could mention who have filled these four years with joy, but it would fill a book to mention them by name! I have made some incredible friends here at Nyack, and leaving them will be one of the hardest things yet. Thank God for Facebook!