The 2016 Celebration of Woman

What does it mean to become a woman?

Nyack College senior female students have discovered the answer to that question for the past six years. The rites of passage program called, Woman, celebrated its sixth “crossing over” ceremony on the Rockland County campus of Nyack College. It was founded by Associate Professor of Bible and Theology, Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah (far left, front row) who leads the group and is assisted by Dean of Students, Mrs. Wanda Velez and Nyack alumna, Ms. Christina Wolfe.

The twelve Nyack students each gave a creative presentation on what becoming a woman means to them. A symbolic gift is presented and a celebration follows the ceremony. This year’s participants were:

Amber Arteaga

Emily Bellinger

Samantha Cialini

Danielle Delice

Jessie Heinaman

Rachel Kunker

Michelle Longarino

Lois Park

Valentina Pshenichnaya

Alayna Starkey

Kathryn Stoehr

Janiece Williams

The curriculum was based on the Dr. Davis Abdallah's book, The Book of Womanhood, and focused on transforming their relationship with God, self, others, and creation during this transition to womanhood.  Beginning in September of 2015, the group met monthly since September and bimonthly with their mentors, who are part of the Nyack College community.

For more information on the program, visit Dr. Davis Abdallah's website here