Student Profile: Tia Celano

Tia Celano is a sophomore at Nyack College and is an Accounting major.  She is from Goshen, New York and graduated in the class of 2017 from Goshen High School. She is one of six children in a split family and an aunt of two nieces and one nephew. At Nyack College,  she is a volunteer at Cultivate, the coffee shop on campus. She enjoys donating time to give the college students an area that they can spend their free time and do homework. She is also one of the Vice Chairs of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee here at Nyack. They represent the student-athletes voices for our conference, which is the CACC.


What interests you about your major?

Tia: My major is accounting. The reason I chose this major is because I took an accounting course in High School and it really interested me. The thing I like most about my major is that it gives me so many options and that accounting is not really math. It is more of an understanding of what business is about. Right now what I want to get out of my major is a degree and then I can work on becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). After that I can invest my time into traveling and landing a great job.

What sport are you a part of on campus?

Tia: Here at Nyack College I am a part of the Nyack Women’s Softball Team. This spring will be my second year playing for Nyack, but I have been playing the sport since I was very young. I remember watching the sport as a little girl and cheering on the Yankees, which is my favorite team. I love softball because no matter how good you are, this sport can still challenge players.  No part of this sport is easy. For example, good batting average in my sport is 300 out of 1000, so that means that a person that has that batting average can have 3 out of 10 times. That’s only one part of the game that keeps it interesting.

How do sports affect your studies?

Tia: Throughout my life, sports and my academic career have collided. Meaning I had to learn how to put my school work first and then play the sport that I love. I have had to learn how to time manage my schedule in order to get on top of my school work. Also, I have always had to maintain a good GPA for my parents and my schools, so that they can allow me to play softball.

What are the differences in playing sports at a Christian college rather than a non-Christian college?

Tia: I feel the main difference in playing in a Christian school is that it gives me an outlet to actually take time and get in touch with the Lord. Whereas in a non-Christian school there was no time allotted. I had to practice my faith separately. Also, no one on my teams could really understand that whereas here, my teammates fully support my faith.


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Rebekah is a Junior at Nyack College. She was a Pastor's Kid in Washington State, and Ontario, Canada from when she was born until 2006. Then she became a Missionary Kid from 2006-2016 in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Rebekah is currently studying Business and is loving it so far. She loves building stronger connections with her friends and having family time. Family is very important to Rebekah and has always been close to them.