Student profile: Katherine Acevedo

Katherine Acevedo is a Childhood Education major. This interview was taken on Rockland campus during her junior year.

Where are you from?

I’m from Long Island, New York but originally was raised in Queens, New York. I was born in the United States of America. My family is Nicaraguan and Guatemalan.

Tell me about your background/culture?

So my family has always really been united. They have taught me to think more about others than myself.  They taught me that giving should always come from the heart, that you should always lend a hand to the needy, and that you should love your family regardless of the situation. My aunts and uncles are very protective to every niece and nephew so if you ever think of acting smart you better be careful because these Acevedo’s don’t play around. My family has shown me that you could come from a very poor environment and still become a professional, not letting the past define you.

I was practically raised in church because a lot of Guatemalans are Christian. God has always been the center of my family and the rock of our lives. I have mostly related to the Guatemalan side of my family just because I have spent most of my life with my dad’s side of the family.


Is there something most people don’t know about your culture?

A lot of people automatically assume that there is only one language in either Guatemala or Nicaragua but there are so many dialects within the country. Not just Spanish.  We spoke both Spanish and English. That benefited me being fluent in both languages. I still speak both languages and use either when needed.

In my experience in going to Guatemala and living around Guatemalans I can truly say that Guatemalans are really selfless people who love to give, are very friendly, and united with each other. I’m not saying other countries aren’t but there is something different about Guatemalans and I am not just saying that because I’m from there. I’ve seen it and also there food is so yeah go to Guatemala when you have the chance!

Who is the person you would like to recognize?

Marbelly Acevedo. My best friend, role model, mentor but most of all my mom.

How did this person impact your faith journey?

My mom has impacted my faith journey by always showing me that regardless of what happens, God will provide. At times I thought there was no hope.  While I was lying on a hospital bed in tears, my mom was by my side telling me that God does not abandon his children. She said that with God everything is possible and when humans say there is no cure, God says there is one.

My mom is a perfect example of a strong, focused, loving woman of God. My mom came to the United States when she was 15. Her mother was back in Nicaragua and her father wasn’t really part of her life.  She didn’t know English but still went to high school, then college and she had me while in college. My mom managed to graduate college with a 4.0 GPA, and now is a registered nurse.

When I was 13, she was diagnosed with cancer. I got mad and cried to God asking Him why He would do that to my mother. I told Him my mother was the most amazing person ever so I didn’t understand why she got cancer.  While I was going through all these emotions, my mom would never lose hope. She would tell me that the battle wasn’t hers but it was God’s and she knew that God was going to heal her.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying because I kept seeing her get weaker and weaker as the days, weeks, and months went by. I was scared that one day I would wake up and no longer have a mother in my life. Until one day, my mom went back to the doctors and they told her she was cancer-free. My mom never lost faith in what was to come in her life. Through all the obstacles that she had faced, her eyes were always focused on the Lord and what He wanted for her life. When I felt that God wasn’t with me, my mom always reminded me that he was there and that I have to fight my battles with my knees to the ground surrendering myself to Him and praising Him. My mom has shown me what it is like to be an amazing wife, mother, sister, and daughter. I may not be the best daughter but I hope my mother knows how grateful I am of her and how much I love her.

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Rebekah is a Junior at Nyack College. She was a Pastor's Kid in Washington State, and Ontario, Canada from when she was born until 2006. Then she became a Missionary Kid from 2006-2016 in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Rebekah is currently studying Business and is loving it so far. She loves building stronger connections with her friends and having family time. Family is very important to Rebekah and has always been close to them.