Steve Gardner (NC ’87; ATS ’94) Making Snowflakes

It’s the first day of winter 2016 and Steve Gardner, an alumnus of Nyack College (’87) and Alliance Theological Seminary (’94), makes replicas of the white stuff most people would love to see on December 25. 

Perfect timing, Steve!

The son of missionaries to West Africa and born in Guinea, Steve developed an affection for this element that he didn’t see much of while growing up in Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. 

Today, he is the Global Impact & Campus Management Director at Crosswinds Wesleyan Church in Canandaigua, NY where he'll be sharing his hobby of paper artistry at a workshop next month. Steve wrote a 24-page booklet called, “Hand-cutting Snowflakes,” a 2012 publication that was updated this year and includes design templates and tips on displaying and storing the delicate creations. 

Read the Daily Messenger article, “What’s up with that?: Hidden meaning behind paper snowflakes.”