“Spiritual Journey” by Dr. Wanda Walborn

Dr. Wanda Walborn, Empower Director

Dr. Wanda Walborn, an associate professor of spiritual formation at Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary has published her first book, Spiritual Journey: Can I Really Get Close to God? with Carpenter’s Son Publishing. The Kindle version is available now on Amazon. Pre-orders can be made for the print edition of the paperback, which will also be sold on Amazon in January 2021.

Readers are invited to engage in a spiritual journey to “process through painful places, remove obstacles and step into the freedom and fulness provided through the presence and power of Christ.” Meditation, journaling and listening prayer are some of the activities that are introduced to develop or strengthen personal spiritual formation.

Dr. Walborn served as Director of Spiritual Formation at Nyack for 16 years. She has taught courses in the College of Bible and Christian Ministry including Introduction to Spiritual Formation, Introduction to Women in Ministry and Developing a Woman’s Gifts and Calling. Currently she also serves as the director of Empower, a program for women that awards a certificate from the Metro District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA)with six course credits transferable to degree programs at Nyack College and ATS.

Dr. Walborn, who is an alumna of Nyack and ATS, has been published in the C&MA’s Alliance Life magazine and The Christian Post.