“Spiritual Journey” by Dr. Wanda Walborn in Paperback

Dr. Wanda Walborn, Empower Director

Spiritual Journey introduces the concept of spiritual formation and how to get started on the adventure of drawing near to God. Each chapter includes four parts of a subject, an obstacle to a spiritual discipline and a practice to help the reader understand different parts of the spiritual journey, identify roadblocks and learn how to navigate through to the other side.”

These words introduce Amazon.com patrons to Dr. Wanda Walborn’s book, Spiritual Journey: Can I Really Get Close to God? The Kindle version debuted in September 2020. Carpenter’s Son Publishing will officially release the paperback version on January 5, 2021. In addition to taking a “look inside” at an excerpt on Amazon.com,  an enthusiastic list of editorial reviews are published there as well.

Dr. Walborn has served on the Nyack College faculty since 2000. She is currently the institutional professor of spiritual formation at Nyack and Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS). An alumna of Nyack College (1984) and of ATS (2003), she is also the Director of Empower, a certificate program for women offered through the Metropolitan District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

“Spiritual Journey” is also sold by Barnes and Noble, Target, Indie Bound and BAM! (Books.A.Million!)