Senior student profile: Ben Tse

Benjamin Tse is an Accounting and Mathematics major. This interview was taken during his Senior year on the Rockland campus.


Tell us what the Ron Blue Institute is:

The Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning (RBI) is an organization founded by Ron Blue. The RBI seeks to influence the way people view their finances, in that people can adopt a mindset and lifestyle of being financial stewards through the application of relevant financial biblical wisdom. The Bible contains at least 2,300 verses about it. Out of 29 parables, Jesus spends 11 of them on money. Christians who study and read the Word are without excuse; we are all called to be faithful stewards of God’s resources—our God-given finances. It begins with an understanding that God owns it all. We can acknowledge the sovereignty of God: “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who love in it” (NIV, Psalm 24:1). Essentially, everything we “own” belongs to God. He is the Giver of gifts and talents. Our actions and management of our finances are held accountable to him. The Apostle Peter urges us to “use whatever gift we have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms” (NIV, 1 Peter 4:10).

Who is Ron Blue and what does he do?

Ron Blue is the founder of Kingdom Advisors, a ministry that empowers Christian financial advisors who seek to integrate a biblical worldview into their advice and counsel. In 1979, he founded Ronald Blue & Company, the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. He has authored eighteen books, including Master Your Money, The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances, and Surviving Financial Meltdown. Ron holds a BS and an MBA from Indiana University. Ron is married to Judy and they have five grown children and thirteen grandchildren. They reside in Atlanta, Georgia. –


What is the event about?

On Oct. 14 a kickoff event took place to commence the start of the financial coaching program. Michael Blue spoke on how we should align our attitudes with God’s attitude towards money. Next, the student coaches demonstrated a mock coaching session (I was the financial coach and Alec Petterson acted as one of the student clients).

Every student from the Rockland and ATS campus is eligible to sign up for this program. Professor James Muckell serves as the director of the program.


Why do you like this opportunity?

I am given the chance to get out of my comfort zone and explore something new.

Why should students get involved?

It is FREE! We all should dedicate a portion of our life to understand the implications of poor money management. Student debt is on the rise. Many graduates are starting their adulthood with a huge burden. Students can begin the decision process of figuring out their finances. It serves as a starting point for individuals to self-evaluate and receive tools to manage their finances. NEXUS uses a D.E.E.P model when it runs its coaching session. D stands for Devotion; E – Evaluation; E – Education; P – Prayer.


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