Remembering Nyack Alumna Kamie Brown Day (1982-2021)

The Nyack College campus family learned this week of the passing of Kamie Brown Day, a 2005 School of Education alumna. At just 39 years old—a young wife and mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend—she leaves so soon. Family and friends gathered to celebrate her life at Fulton Alliance Church in Fulton, New York.

Kamie earned her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Nyack and was a teacher at Oswego Community Christian School, a small K-8 private school in Oswego, NY on December 18.

When people speak of community and lifelong friendships that develop in Nyack College’s diverse environment, it is not merely a bond that connects students to students. Professors also become mentors and friends.

There was one such special heart-tie shared poignantly by Nyack/ATS theology and Bible professor, Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah.

Kamie Brown Day stone

“Kamie was one of my first Nyack students. I wouldn’t tell anyone how old I was when I started teaching (I was 29) so Kamie, Letiah, and Yvonne made it into a joke. It seemed like every day was my birthday—complete with balloons on my office door and a few packs of birthday cards. I still have some of them. I write my losses lately on stones, and when it hurts a lot I hold them in my hand and pray. May God rest her soul. May God comfort her loved ones. Christ is risen, our only hope in life and in death. “Eternal rest grant her, Oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.”

As news spread, other classmates chimed in with fond memories like these:

“Kamie and I cleaned church bathrooms together in Puerto Rico on a Nyack missions trip. Never had so much fun scrubbing sinks and floors, she had me cracking up the whole time.” (Sarah Powers Mostrom)

Yvonne Stiles Kamie Brown Day and Karen Wirtz
(l-r) Yvonne Stiles Kamie Brown Day and Karen Wirtz

“Back at Nyack, Kamie always wore this shirt. It was way too big on her but she liked it. Because I’m a huge fan of big cats especially white tigers, I always commented when she wore it saying how much I liked it. I never expected her to do this though. One day at Nyack, she came to my room with this shirt in hand and said, ‘Here, I want you to have it. I know how much you like it and I know it’ll fit you much better then it fits me.’ That was Kamie. Always kind, thoughtful, smiling and willing to lend a hand. And even after Nyack, we kept in constant communication throughout the years even though we were miles apart.” (Karen Wirtz)


“Kamie Beth was one of my closest friends during college… sooo many adventures together, I learned sooo much about joy, loyalty and a pure faith in Jesus through our friendship. She loved Christmas and would always want there to be a cake for Jesus’ birthday. I’ll make sure there’s one this year.” (Yvonne Stiles)

Memories like these paint a picture of Kamie Brown Day—not just what she did, but more importantly, who she was. Keep the Brown/Day family in your thoughts and prayers. Tributes can be shared at