Pursuing your Passions like you Need to Breathe

I recently heard a motivational video about what would happen if we lived life needing to succeed as much as we need to breathe. It talked about how we will do anything we can to breathe because in order to live, we need to breathe. When we are struggling to breathe, it becomes our only focus, and we will sacrifice anything else to allow us to take in that next breath of air. It suggested that if we lived life prioritizing success as much as we prioritize breathing, nothing would be able to stop us from achieving success.


Although I do not necessarily think that success should be our main focus in life, I think that this is a poignant concept that can apply to so many areas in life. Rather than thinking about striving for success in the same way that we seek to breathe, I think that we can look at pursuing our passions as intensely as we need to breathe. We all have visions for our lives that include goals of where we want to be in ten years, what we think we are called to do, and how we think our lives are going to make an impact on the world. But, are we willing to take the steps to get there? How much do we really prioritize the things that we know we are meant to be doing? Most importantly, how much do we seek out our relationship with God, the One who enables us to pursue our passions?

CTA button for Blog UGIf you pursued God like you needed to breathe, how would your life look different? When you need to breathe, you will do anything to find a way to take that next breath. If you are underwater, whether or not you know how to swim, you will fight your way to the top in order to gasp for your next breath. If you wanted God as much as you want to breathe, it wouldn’t matter if you have a busy schedule, you would find time for Him. You would sacrifice sleep, you would give up time with friends, and you would skip meals, just to be able to pick up your Bible or pray.

What about your major or your career? You are studying to be a nurse, teacher, businessman, missionary, or scientist. How much time do you really spend studying? Do you write papers and take tests like you need to breathe? Do you want to be a great athlete? Are you working as hard as you would work to fight against being suffocated? Are you passionate about becoming a singer? Do you sing like you would stop breathing if you stopped singing?

You see, when you are struggling to breathe, you can think about nothing else. There is nothing else that is more important than oxygen getting to your lungs, and to do so, you would sacrifice anything in that moment to take that next breath. Although we say that we have dreams, goals, and passions, how fiercely are we actually pursuing them? How much are we willing to give up for them and how hard are we willing to work? Breathing is a matter of life and death. If everyone went after their calling like they were fighting to gasp for air, we would have a whole lot more truly alive people walking around this earth.