Video: Meet Professor Dana Talley, School of Music

As a professor at Nyack College’s School of Music, what are you passionate about?

The School of Music is about learning to communicate—learning to share, whether it be written, spoken, and especially, since it’s in music, singing or playing. How much can we give away to others the gifts that we have? That’s what I’m passionate about. Trying to teach people that it’s not about the talent they have, but how they give their talent to others that matters.

What is the most important part about studying at Nyack College’s School of Music?

We gather every week in something called studio class. And there, we have our students perform for each other. And it’s about encouragement.

In the Bible, we have a man named Barnabas. He is a favorite of mine, because he was the encourager. We get a lot more in academia by encouragement than we get by teaching them dates of particular people or how to do a particular chord progression. All those things are important. Technique is important. But how can we learn to encourage people so that they will have a purpose and can share their talents with others?

What I hope the students at the School of Music will walk away with is an understanding that they are involved in a community. They will walk away from Nyack knowing that they can be a success because they network with other people.