Prayer Summit 2017 With Dave Powers

Dave Powers, of Worship and the Word Movement based in Frederick, CO, will be the worship leader and guest speaker at the Nyack College Prayer Summit beginning Monday, October 23 through October 25 on the Rockland campus hosted by the Office of Spiritual Formation.

For the last 11 years, Dave and his wife, Tara, have traveled extensively around the world as missionaries. They lead musical worship and teach the Words of Jesus. They help people, in many different settings, to encounter Jesus: churches, collegiate settings, conferences, YWAM Schools, house churches, festivals, living rooms, houses of prayer, advances, and retreats. They have two amazing sons, Hunter and Kai.

Dave is very thankful for his sponsors: McPherson Guitars, Grosh Guitars, Deering Banjo Co., Strymon, LR Baggs, Franklin Strap, DG Custom Cables, Stringjoy, Shubb Capos, Temple Audio, MONO, and 64 Audio.

Chapel services will be held in Pardington Hall, 45 South Boulevard in Nyack.

October 23, 10:05 AM; October 23, 8:00 PM;—Hilltop Auditorium, October 24, 8:00 PM; October 25, 10:05 PM; and October 25, 8:00 PM.

Join us for these five powerful gatherings!