Our ChurchTogether Panelists

We are bringing together a dynamite group of panelists for the #ChurchTogether conference on November 10 at the Nyack College Manhattan Campus. Registration is still available.

My assignment was to find pairs (a man and a woman) who are enacting the vision of leading together in the local church. We decided we wanted three pairs.

I looked long and hard for these panelists. I combed through the websites of so many local churches, disappointed to find that many of the largest did not allow both sexes at the highest levels of leadership. Further, the Sunday morning ethnic segregation was clear on many church staff pages. I wanted churches who were obviously intentionally diverse, and I was looking for people who were both single and married.

Finding these panelists took time, but I am deeply satisfied with the results.

Panelists for ChurchTogether at Manhattan

We have two panelists from Hope Church NYC, a network of churches that is part of the Evangelical Covenant denomination. Hope Church is a vibrant community of committed Christ-followers with six different congregations throughout NYC, Long Island, and Jersey City! Drew Hyun is the founding pastor of this network and the pastor at Hope Midtown. Denise Rhissorakrai is one of the pastors at Hope Astoria. They have a lot to offer, coming from the perspective of an egalitarian denomination.

We have two panelists from the Christian and Missionary Alliance. They don’t work together directly, but have been affiliated with this denomination for many years. Jennifer Sheridan leads at Princeton Alliance, and Kelvin Walker is currently at Bedford Alliance, but is also heavily involved in both district and national leadership. Their perspectives will be invigorating—I can say that from experience because Kelvin is a personal friend.

Finally, we have a pair from Liquid Church in New Jersey. I used to visit Liquid when it was small and met in the basement of a church. Now, it is five campuses serving in five different counties in New Jersey, in addition to online church! The staff is diverse in many ways. Kayra Montanez, the Morris County pastor, and Mike Leahy, the pastor of campuses will join us on November 10. Their Kingdom movement is quickly growing, and they’ve established egalitarian ideals at the foundation!

I am humbled to be moderating this amazing panel. It is always encouraging to see someone who looks like you or has similar life experiences on a panel, and I think all those who attend will see some of themselves in these leaders.

I can hardly wait to hear what our panelists have to say!

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