October Events Featuring Dr. R. Steven Notley, Distinguished Bible Professor

Nyack College Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins and Director of Graduate Programs in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins, Dr. R. Steven Notley will represent the College throughout the month of October at events being conducted virtually and in-person.

October 1: At the Washington, D.C. Museum of the Bible, a lecture, “Locating the Lost City of the Apostles.” In-person and virtual attendance is available.

October 19: A lecture, “Reading the Gospel Parables as Ancient Jewish Literature.” This virtual event is sponsored by the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem.

October 24-25: A virtual presentation, “What Language(s) Did Jesus Speak and What Difference Does It Make?” at the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Annual Bible and Archaeology Festival.

October 25-28: A presentation, “Unearthing the Historical Pilate,” during the week-long New York University/Tel Aviv University event “The Land That I Will Show You: Recent Archaeological and Historical Studies of Ancient Israel.”

An author, lecturer and columnist, Dr. Notley is also the Academic Director of the internationally celebrated El-Araj Excavation Project; Senior Leon Charney Fellow, Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies; and Nyack Department Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies.