October 2019 | Celebrating Christian Higher Education Month

The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) is celebrating Christian Higher Education Month in October. As a CCCU member, Nyack College is proud to be among the institutions of higher education that share common values particularly in regards to diversity, multiculturalism and social mobility.

Nyack’s own Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. David F. Turk, contributed a chapter in the book, Diversity Matters, edited by Karen A. Longman and published by Abilene Christian University Press. The Nyack story was one of four campus case studies edited by Dr. Pete Menjares of Vanguard University of Southern California in a section entitled, “Transforming Institutions With a Commitment to Diversity.” Dr. Menjares, comments of the schools represented, “For these leaders, how their institutions respond to change is secondary to why they should respond to change—and the reason it matters is faith. Ultimately, these stories give testimony to faithfulness, and the campuses featured have been driven by a sincere desire and commitment to be deeply faithful to God and to a mission rooted in faith.”

We celebrate the great cause of #ChristianHigherEd with other campuses nationwide!