OCT 24-26: PRAYER SUMMIT with Dave Powers Hosted by Office of Spiritual Formation

Dave Powers, of Worship and the Word Movement based in Frederick, CO, will be the worship leader and guest speaker at the Nyack College Prayer Summit beginning Monday, October 24 through October 26 on the Rockland campus hosted by the Office of Spiritual Formation.

Since 1997, Dave has been speaking and leading musical worship, both nationally and internationally. Worship and the Word Movement (WWM) is a missionary and movement incubator whose mission is to “help people accomplish the dreams that God has put on their hearts by helping establish spiritual foundation, organizational structure, relational connections, and the resources needed!” WWM was founded and is led by Dave and Tara Powers.

Chapel services will be held at two venues on campus–Pardington Hall, 45 South Boulevard in Nyack and Hilltop Auditorium on the grounds of North Campus.

October 24, 10:10 AM—Pardington Hall Auditorium

October 24, 8:00 PM—Hilltop Auditorium

October 25, 8:00 PM—Hilltop Auditorium

October 26, 10:10 PM—Pardington Hall Auditorium

October 26, 8:00 PM—Hilltop Auditorium

Join us for these five powerful gatherings!