NYC Nyackers Go Global during the Summer

It’s no secret that due to its long history of international immigration, New York City is home to hundreds of nationalities. Many people of these nationalities have found their way to Nyack College. Dominican Republic, China, Jamaica, Guyana, Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago (yay!), the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Nigeria are the countries that are represented in this school that I can think of off the top of my head. Of course there are many more. It’s like a mini United Nations.

All these countries coming together under one roof to earn a faith-based higher education is both remarkable and beautiful. However, this beauty goes beyond the New York City campus when the knowledge (both knowledge of their studies and new knowledge/revelations of God) that these students gained throughout the school year is taken back home to their home countries as well as to other countries.

One of my friends is visiting her home country of Nigeria with her family this summer. She hasn’t been back in a while and is extremely excited about it. I’m excited for her not only because she’ll be going home and seeing her family, but because I know how mature she is spiritually and how much she loves telling people about Jesus. (She’s an A+ evangelizer.) I’ve also seen her grow immensely in the past 8 months, and I know that Nyack contributed to where she is now spiritually. Another one of my friends is going on a Global Service Learning trip to Mexico with her Business class. Even though most students go on these trips for the experiences and the college credit, they are setting a serious Godly presence in these countries while they are there.

Even students who are not leaving the city this summer can have impact on a global scale. Students have friends and family members who live outside of the country who they talk to on a regular basis. One of my friends moved to New York from London and still talks to her friends there almost everyday. I have family in Trinidad and talk, text, and email with them often. The modes of communication we have in 2016 makes spreading the Gospel easier than ever before.

I personally feel this is a major part of who Nyack is and what Nyack does: nations coming together to learn about God and grow in Him, and then spreading this Good News to even more nations. It’s global evangelization at its best. It excites me to think about how many lives outside of New York City will be touched this summer by New York City Nyackers. The Presence of God causes all sorts of wonderful things to happen, and this summer, we are taking that Presence global.