Nyack Unfiltered: Delsie Carter

Nyack College has a plethora of personalities. Nyackers come from all different backgrounds and bring their stories with them. Each one has a passion, a gift, and a desire to see God’s plan for their life be fulfilled. Nyack Unfiltered is a series of interviews I am conducting featuring students on the Manhattan campus who not only I but others, believe will do (and currently are doing) great things for God.

The third interview in our series is Delsie Carter. Delsie is currently a Sophomore and is studying Psychology. In fact, my first encounter with Delsie was in an Introduction to Psychology course back in 2015. Delsie was one of my favorite people in that class because she was funny, interesting, asked good questions, and seemed to really love learning. Having a true desire to learn is a significant advantage not only in school, but in life, and Delsie’s desire will take her far.


Your major is Psychology. Why?

Delsie: Well, I’ve always been interested in the human mind and how it affects our behavior. Why people do what they do. I’ve always [been interested] since the time I was a kid. I [also] got into Psychology because I want to understand myself  better.

Has it helped you understand yourself better?

Delsie: Yes, yes, so much, so much.

What do you want to do with your degree?

Delsie: Well, right now I have an organization where I help young girls. I have a non-profit organization. I’ve had it for eight years now. I really want to open up a practice where I can actually offer psychological help to the children and their parents. I don’t know where else it will take me, but I also am a wellness coach. So [I am] helping people with their wellness by helping them understand why they do what they do, which is great. It helps them understand how their thoughts and their minds control their behavior and making certain decisions.

What’s your non-profit called?Nyack Unfiltered: Delsie Carter

Delsie: Higher Elevation Youth Enhancement Organization. heyeo.org.
If you could major in anything else, or even minor, what would it be?

Delsie: Well, right now I’m minoring in Business. That’s because I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve had a beauty salon for the last twenty years. So if I could minor in anything it would be Business Management, which I’m doing right now – to help me more successfully run my business. And ironically, this is my first semester of Business and I find that effectively running a business has a lot to do with psychology. Running a business is really about managing and getting people to do things, and you’re better at getting people to do things when you know what makes them do what they do. So it works hand in hand.

That’s true, I’ve never thought of that.
Why did you pick Nyack?

Delsie: Nyack was introduced to me a few years ago. I’ve always been like a leader in my church and I just wanted to be in an atmosphere where I felt like I might also learn more about God and my relationship with Him – and understand the Bible, not necessarily just from a pulpit point of view, but from a scholarly point of view and I had heard good things about Nyack.

So what’s your favorite thing [about Nyack]?

Delsie: I like the atmosphere. I like that no matter where you are in Nyack you cannot help but to overhear somebody’s conversation about God. I like to be around groups of people who are seeking a higher level of God – whether they’re doing it, whether they’re finding it or not, I just like the pursuit of it. It’s like a corporate pursuit of God. I like that.

I agree. So, since you’ve been in this environment for over a year now, do you feel like it has affected your [personal] pursuit of God at all?

Delsie: Being in this environment has actually changed the way I’m pursuing God.

How so?

Delsie: I’m not pursuing God religiously anymore. It’s not about how much I can do in the church. It’s not about what others say. My pursuit of God has changed in that I see God to be bigger than I had – I kind of put God in a box when I got to Nyack. God is this, He’s this, He’s that. But God can be and do whatever He wants to do. Sometimes we get locked into the perimeter of what we’ve been taught God is – from our parents, from our pastors, from our friends, from our cultures – this is what God is. So you deal with God on that basis, but you need to learn that God is… that’s what people have made Him to be. He’s much bigger than that! So I kind of unboxed God since I’ve been here and I said, “You know, God, be who you want to be to me and show me what you want to show me. It doesn’t have to be what I think you’re going to show me, I’m open to whatever you come to me with. Whatever it is, I’m open to it, Lord.” And even my prayer life has changed. I’m not asking God for anything. I’m not asking God and begging God because I’m realizing that there’s nothing that I really need to ask or beg Him for. My prayer has turned into a prayer of asking God to help me see what He’s already given me. Help me to line up what’s already been given to me. I don’t ask Him to open doors because I know that everything is open. Everything is already open for me, so it just changed me in a lot of ways.

Delsie’s final comments remind me of my first year at Nyack when I first caught wind of how heavily taught the New Covenant is in Nyack’s Bible and Theology classes. Once we have a firm grip on the concept of the New Covenant and completely understand that we are no longer living under the old covenant – true freedom is attained. We come to understand our authority under the Father and can start living our lives now equipped with a power and authority we didn’t even realize we had! It’s a great feeling that, as said best by Delsie, can change us in a lot of ways.

Thank you Delsie for letting me interview you!