Nyack Students Chosen for Science Education Alliance Publication

Nearly two years ago Nyack College was selected through a competitive application process to join the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Alliance (HHMI-SEA).  HHMI is a non-profit organization that advances biomedical research and science education, one of the largest privately funded philanthropies in our nation. (Learn more here).  Last year, Nyack College was one of a select few out of more than 70 institutions invited to give an oral presentation at the 2013 National SEA-PHAGES Symposium.

As a part of Nyack’s membership in the Science Education Alliance (SEA), students are involved in the prestigious National Genomics Research initiative. The SEA Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science, or SEA-PHAGES is the foundation for a national experiment in bacteriophage genomics. Students isolate, name, sequence, and analyze newly-discovered mycobacteriophages which are viruses that infect bacteria, making significant contributions to the field of genomics.

Nyack biology professors, Dr. Jacqueline Washington and Dr. Peter Park, were recently notified that Nyack students were selected to be featured in this year’s Symposium Program Book for the SEA-PHAGES project.

The project is led by Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Alliance (HHMI-SEA) Professor Graham Hatfull and his lab at the University of Pittsburgh and by members of HHMI’s Undergraduate and Graduate Programs group.

Since 2008, the SEA-PHAGES community has offered undergraduate student research experience in lab classes. The SEA-PHAGES course offers students ownership of a project, the opportunity to publish and contribute to the scientific community and the ability to measure progress.

Congratulations to Dr. Washington and Dr. Park for their exemplary leadership and investment in our students!