Nyack College NYC: Calm in the Midst of the Crazy

I moved to New York from Fort Wortimageh, Texas in October 2014. Needless to say this was a complete 180. People walked faster, car horns were louder, buildings were taller, no one smiled, there were no cows in sight, and the only horses around were pulling tourists or being ridden by cops in Times Square. These are two completely different lifestyles in two completely different cities – someone can either love the change or hate it. Thank God I love it. However, I realize that a lot of people that were raised here are tired of the pace. They look forward to when they can move out of the city and find a farm or a town with a lot of grass and cows and live there. But mostly, they look forward to the peace.

One of my friends loves going to the Manhattan campus almost everyday because she says it’s so peaceful, and I agree with her. The halls have a warm atmosphere and the views are calming. It’s not a bad place to do hours (and hours and hours) of homework orto be confined to a classroom for three hours learning. (It’s easier to be confined when you can turn your head a couple degrees and get lost staring at the Statue of Liberty, right?) But the weird thing about this calmness is that the school isn’t exactly in the most peaceful location. It’s by Wall Street. The Wall Street where immense craziness occurs daily. It’s 20 minutes away from Times Square, where it’s bright and loud and also crazy. It’s in New York City, a crazy place in general. So why so much peace? Where does this peace come from? How does it stay here all the time?

Well, this peace passes all human understanding. It’s not something that we can completely fathom, but it blankets this college campus because the Holy Spirit is here. The location doesn’t matter, and the surroundings don’t matter. I think that’s pretty cool. His peace is not only within us, but within our school. We get to be surrounded by His peace when we’re studying, when we’re speed walking down the hall so as to not be late for class, or when we’re strolling in late for class because we were outside laughing with our friends and eating bagels. His peace constantly surrounds us, fills these halls, and creates a nice calm in the midst of the crazy, and I’m thankful for that.

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