Nyack College School of Business Hosts Competition for Local Entrepreneurs

Nyack School of Business and Leadership Associate Professor Dr. Susanne Hartl (above)has established a partnership with the Center for Transformative Work (CTW). Students are currently a part of an eight-week learning community that meets on the Rockland County campus in Boon Campus Center (Room 412) every Wednesday through March 15 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. to explore how to integrate faith into the work environment. Those who attend these sessions earn chapel credit. Pastors and seminarians are also welcome to learn how to support business people in their congregations. The workshop is free of charge, but registration is required.

Nyack's partnership with CTW also makes Nyack College students and local entrepreneurs eligible to compete in a “Shark Tank-like” event called The Entrepreneurial Business Venture Competition on Friday, March 31 in Shuman Hall, 185 South Highland Ave. in Nyack. Applications can be completed here for the chance to give an eight-minute pitch to a panel of judges. The deadline for applying is March 9. Five finalists will be chosen for the March 31 competition.

All competitors must convey how they will meet the three judging criteria:

Does Your Business Address a Societal Need?

Is Your Business Financially Sustainable?

Does Your Business Integrate Your Christian Faith?

First prize is $10,000, second prize is $7,500 and third prize is $5,000 to help get a business started or to ramp up an existing business. In addition to the financial awards, winners will receive professional business coaching. Cash prizes will be distributed by the business coach, who will work with the winners on goals and milestones.

Tickets to attend the event are free, but must be obtained at the Center for Transformative Work website. Seating is limited. Request tickets today!