Nyack College Counseling Director Co-Authors Forbes Article

Director of Counseling Services, Maggie Labocki

In addition to coordinating counseling services for undergraduate and graduate students, Nyack’s Director of Counseling Maggie Labocki co-authored a recent Forbes Magazine article, The COVID College Experience: Building Resilience, Finding Structure And Maintaining Connection.

Just as classroom learning for Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary students required a transition to online learning this spring semester, the  COVID-19 pandemic prohibited in-person counseling sessions. Telehealth and virtual counseling, which are available to Nyack and ATS students through June, has been the alternative to providing mental healthcare during this traumatic season of mandated social distancing.

In addition to being a Nyack spokesperson contributing to the dialogue on best practices during a crisis, Mrs. Labocki’s article illustrates the College’s commitment to serving its students holistically during this unprecedented pandemic.