Nyack College and Kinneret Academic College Unearth Biblical History for Fourth Summer

Dr. R. Steven Notley, director of Nyack’s Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins graduate degree program, who also serves as the academic director of the El-Araj Excavation Project (EAEP) in Israel, shared news of recent international media coverage of the archaeological dig undertaken by a team from Nyack College in partnership with a team headed by his colleague, Dr. Mordechai Aviam of Kinneret Academic College for the fourth summer.

Church of the Apostles Discovered Near Sea of Galilee, Archaeologists Say,” Archaeologists Claim to Have Found the Church of the Apostles by Sea of Galilee,” “Roman church unearthed in northern Israel,” and “Lost Church of the Apostles where Jesus’ disciples once lived ‘finally discovered’, archaeologists claim,” are some of the headlines broadcasting the latest development in the multiple-year project.

This season Dr. Notley explained, “Our two primary aims were to locate the Byzantine Church of Peter and Andrew mentioned in ancient pilgrimage itineraries, and to establish with greater certainty that there existed at el Araj a settlement in the Roman (New Testament) period.”

Excitement continues to build around this groundbreaking work that adds another epic chapter to Nyack’s story.

Congratulations to Dr. Notley, Dr. Aviam and their team members whose work is being acknowledged globally!

Photo credit: Zachary Wong