New Books by Dr. Elias Dantas, Executive Director of International Relations

Nyack College Executive Director of International Relations, Dr. Elias Dantas, is the author of 15 books. Two of his latest are, Pego De Surpresa nas ciladas da liderança (Caught by Surprise in the Traps of Leadership) and O discipulador Cristᾶo, (The Maker of Disciples) both in Portuguese and Italian.

In Caught by Surprise in the Traps of Leadership, Dr. Dantas describes some of the traps, which include, “doing God’s work without God; reacting negatively to critics and to the critiques; the danger of a sick spirituality—the enormous negative effect of discouragement and the danger of replacing the essence of the Gospel with the institutional form of one’s institution.”

Roselen Boerner Faccio, Global Senior Pastor of Sabaoth Church in Italy commented on Pego De Surpresa nas ciladas da liderança, “It is an honor for our publishing house to publish its first book in Italian, with the conviction of giving Italy a valuable tool that is useful at every level of leadership and which I personally recommend to all pastors and ministers. Dr. Elias Dantas addresses in a direct and practical way the risks that a Christian leader might encounter.”

Pastor Faccio calls the book, “an alarm, a light both to warn those who feel too sure of themselves and to help us serve God with that holy fear that should belong to those who know they have received the noblest of calls from heaven: to be ministers of the Church of Jesus and his Kingdom.”

In The Maker of Disciples. Dr. Dantas shares that the newest release “deals with the person who is involved in the task of making disciples of Christ.” He adds, “Instead of talking about the process of making disciples, I deal with the inner life of a disciple-maker. I write upon a conviction that God wants to form Christ in us before using us to form Christ in others.”


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