New at Nyack! Undergraduate Degree in Global Community Development

New at Nyack!  Undergraduate Degree in Global Community Development
Dr. Scott Reitz

Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary president, Dr. Michael Scales, announced that the New York State Education Department approved a new undergraduate degree program in Nyack’s School of Bible and Christian Ministry (SBCM). The Bachelor of Science in Global Community Development will launch in the spring of 2021. Dr. Scott Reitz is the department chair.

“At Nyack College, we love to talk about our founding purpose to take ‘the whole Gospel to the whole world’ and as an institution in New York City, we are uniquely positioned to reach the world through the full equipping of this next generation,” says Dr. Reitz, who is also the director of Nyack’s Global Service-Learning program. “New York City is a crossroads where the neighbors of the world meet, so there are few better places to train people for intercultural ministry and community development than in our fine city.”

With the consolidation of all Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary degree programs on one campus in New York City completed, Dr. Reitz explains, “Nyack’s strategic location in the city lends itself to vast opportunities for engaging international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local non-profits, and community development practitioners.” He adds, “This new program is a comprehensive academic exploration of the field of community development and utilizes innovative active-learning and experiential learning models. We are committed to staying true to our mission by reaching beyond the walls of church and classroom to engage our communities in New York City and around the globe.”

Students who major in Global Community Development will conduct fieldwork modules, site assignments in urban community centers and ministries. Completing three internships is a program requirement. The degree will prepare students to pursue positions in ministries, NGOs, non-profits, and government. These career pursuits include roles in asset-based development, cross-cultural ministry, project management, resource development, sustainable planning, community outreach, community education and housing and transportation. Graduates of the program will be equipped with a thorough understanding of the history, missiology, theory, best practices, and biblical perspective of community development with specialized experiences of working with at-risk and under-resourced communities.

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