My 5 Favorite Blogposts

Nyack’s blog, “Life @ Nyack,” has been around for over five years, and the articles published have varied from tips about surviving college, to ways that God is working at Nyack, to practical advice about how to excel in your career. So many great posts have been written, that it was hard to choose my favorite. But if you get a chance, I think you should go back and reread these five.

1. How to Write a Resume and Nail and Interview

interview tips

This blogpost talks about one of the most important things on a college student’s mind… getting a job when you graduate. After all of the money, time, and work we invest in college, we all want to make sure it will pay off and we will be able to get a job. This article will help show you how to make that job a reality!





2. Why Choose Nursing


This is an article I am passionate about because I love nursing and want others to see why it is such a great career. Even if it is not your major, this article tells you why I think nursing is one of the greatest jobs you could have.


3. Building a Legacy that Lasts in College

10151797_536469603140863_299040183548319946_nI love this blog because for me, college is more than just what you learn in classes, it is about how you grow as an individual. It’s about how you impact those around you and what you leave with the people you love. College isn’t just about the degree, it’s about the legacy.



4. Jump in the Boat or Go Home.

photo (16)

This blog sticks out to me because Jenn talks about commitment, following God, and being 100% in with whatever you do. I think this is such an important message for college students as we are dedicating ourselves to our careers, our passions, and following Jesus more closely.


5. How to Travel Between Nyack and New York City

This blog is one of the most read blogs from Life @ Nyack. The commute between the city and Nyack is short, but there are many different ways to take it. Whether you have a class at the Nyack NYC campus, you have to come out to Nyack for Nyack Heritage, or you just want to go explore the city for the day, everyone needs to know the best way to get in and out of the city.