Must-Have Phone Apps for College Students

photo (1) - CopyTechnology is often accused of being unnecessary, distracting, and time-consuming. While in some contexts, these accusations are all too true, we all know technology has great benefits. As an owner of an iPhone, I’m always looking for great apps that can help me save time, and make daily tasks easier to accomplish. Here are a few great apps I know of which are must-haves for college students:

Waze: Waze is a great GPS app. It allows you to save destinations in a short-cuts menu, and also alerts you of cops, stopped vehicles, accidents, and road work. My favorite feature of this app is that it factors in traffic backups, and if there’s a lot of traffic in your route, your ETA changes accordingly. This app is interactive and allows you to report traffic delays and other alerts for other “wazers”.

Passbook: This is an app that comes standard with iPhones, and is often overlooked. But, whether or not you’re a frequent traveler, this app is extremely useful. Passbook keeps all your tickets in one place (concert tickets, boarding passes, etc.). Your tickets are saved with their bar codes so they can be scanned from your phone itself. The best part about this app is that when the time for your ticket to be used is approaching, Passbook will put a notification on your lock screen that shortcuts right to the ticket for quick, easy access when you need it.

Google: I’ve recently replaced my Safari app with the Google app as per recommendation from my sister. This app is extremely useful, and like Passbook, is a great all-in-one; maps, news, and translate are all in one place. Some of the best features of this app are the voice search, and cards. The voice search is extremely accurate, and no offense to Siri, is more likely to give you relevant results. Cards is a feature which brings up topics which Google finds relevant to you. For example, if you look up a TV show a lot, Google will give you reviews and showtimes as they are relevant. Also, if there’s an appointment on your calendar, Google will check traffic and tell you when to depart in order to arrive on time.

Big Day: Big Day is a countdown app which is useful and fun. You can put in an important date, and Big day will countdown the days until the event.

Solar: Solar is my weather app of choice. It’s very simple, and very accurate. You can only see 24 hours in advance, but if that’s all you need, it’s accurate, minute-by-minute, and easy to understand. Like most weather apps, you can save choice locations, but when you first open the app, it automatically shows the weather for your current location.

iHeartRadio: This is a great app for living away from home because you can listen to radio stations that air all over the country. It’s also like Pandora in the way that you can make your own stations by artists you like.

Bible Gateway: This is a great, easy to use Bible app. My favorite feature about it is that it has a verse of the day.

Backup Assist: If you’re like me, and have been unfortunate enough for your phone to crash, you need this app. It saves your contacts when you ask it to, and the process takes only seconds. This way, if you ever loose your contacts, they can be replaced easily.

All of these apps are either free, or only cost $.99!