Moseley Hall Water Pump Challenge Funds Wells

About that bottle of water you never finished…the one that you left on your desk or in your car or just tossed in a trash can. It’s just water, right? The answer to that question would get an emphatic “WRONG!” from Nyack’s Assistant Director of Residence Life Louis Sanchez.

In our nation, the privilege of access to water, that we can so easily take for granted, is the very thing that provokes righteous indignation in the 2009 Nyack alumnus who majored in philosophy. “Not everyone knows this about me,” Louis shares, “but it is a pet peeve of mine when I see people wasting water; in particular, when I see water bottles that are half full and abandoned. I realized a while ago how rich I am in the context of the world because of my ability to buy water. I am by no means rich, nor do I have a huge savings account, but I have a lot to be thankful for and want to be conscious of that by not wasting things such as water.”Moseley Hall Water Pump Challenge Funds Wells

It makes perfect sense that he would begin a campaign to do something about the need for water. He started a “Water Pump Challenge” last month, which will end on Friday, April 20. With the seven Residence Assistants in Moseley Hall, the dorm he oversees, Louis is raising funds that will go to Compassion International, the humanitarian aid organization, to support the effort to dig wells and water storage systems in countries where their outreach serves. Along with 2011 Nyack alumnus Marco Pazmino, Louis is supervising RAs on his team.

Louis began his effort with social media to see how much interest would be generated. One well costs $52 and his goal is to raise $1,040 for 20 wells. To increase response, he started a competition, which takes place in his Moseley Hall office and in the cafeteria in Boon Campus Center or other campus locations. For $1.00, competitors can win a prize for scoring the fastest time in syphoning water from a full bucket of water to an empty bucket.

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