Meet the New Rockland Professors at the Alliance Theological Seminary

ATS facultyBy Eric Hoke~

Fall 2014 is a monumental and exciting year in the history of Alliance Theological Seminary. We welcomed five new professors onto our Nyack Campus. We are so excited to welcome their expertise and thank God for their investment into our ATS Community. We wanted to allow you the opportunity to get to know them better.

Christopher Dost is the Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Director of Online Programming.

Dr. Dost holds a B.A. in Music from Western Connecticut State University. He came to Nyack College in 1999 to take a few Bible courses. After a brief hiatus, he returned to Nyack to pursue the M.A. Old Testament degree at Alliance Theological Seminary, which he completed in 2003. Since that time, he has worked at ATS and Nyack College in varying capacities: first as a T.A., then as an adjunct, afterward as a partnering faculty member, and now as the Director of Online Programming. In that time, he has also completed M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees (2007, 2011, 2014) in Hebrew Bible at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Dr. Dost resides in Nyack with his wife (Michelle) and four daughters (Abigail, 13; Anna, 11; Mia, 10; and Gabrielle, 6).

Dr. Dost is a Red Sox fan.

Ron Chen is the Chinese Studies Program Coordinator at Alliance Theological Seminary.

Ron lives in Plainview, NY and is currently the Associate Pastor at Queens Herald Church while getting ready to become a church planter and plant a church in Long Island. He and his wife Candice are expecting their first child in late fall.

Ron holds a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Youth Ministry and Religion) from Nyack College and an M. Div from ATS. He is currently in the D. Min program. When asked why he chose to serve at ATS, Ron responded, “I think it can be best described as a God moment. I was driving my interim Senior Pastor and his wife to take a look at Nyack College. On our way up we have an interesting conversion about my future and the next thing I know I was in the Dean’s Office and was given a job description. I went home to speak with my wife and she said I was crazy. We spent some time praying about it and felt the Lord’s peace to proceed forward.”

An interesting fact about Ron is that he was a high school dropout and joined a gang in Chinatown when he was 14.

CTA button for Blog ATSDr. Aaron Sherwood is the new Assistant Professor of New Testament

Dr. Sherwoord and his wife Lucy have two daughters, Eleanor (5) and Isabel (2). They live in Nyack and have just moved from overseas this summer.

Dr. Sherwoord earned a Ph.D. at Durham University in England, technically in New Testament but really also in Old Testament and early Jewish studies, as well. Before that, he earned an M.A. in Biblical Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, and holds a B.A. in philosophy. Dr. Sherwood and his wife have served in churches in lots of different ways over the past fifteen years, in home group, children’s ministry, prison ministry, and some preaching.

When asked why he chose to serve at ATS, Dr. Sherwoord responded, “I am very excited about the ATS aim of commissioning students to go into the world and engage in indigenous missions, whether in America or internationally and overseas, and that ATS wants those ministries to be grounded in a profound understanding and appreciation of God’s love and purpose for the world as revealed in Scripture. And so, I wanted to take up my role in equipping students by helping them with that first, fundamental step, of knowing and understanding the biblical basis for their beliefs and their pastoral vocations.”

An interesting fact about Dr. Sherwood is that he loves Miyazaki films and has a collection of stuffed animals from them in his office.

Dr. Stanley John is the new Professor of Intercultural Studies at Alliance Theological Seminary

Dr. John was born and raised in Kuwait in a south Indian family. He grew up attending the Indian Assemblies of God church in Kuwait, but for the last several years has been part of a multilingual Methodist church that worships in English, Korean and Spanish. He now attends a C&MA church in New York.

Dr. John received a B.A. in Biblical Studies at Zion Bible College in Barrington, Rhode Island, an M.A. and Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. His dissertation is titled, Networks, Agents, and Mission: Transnational Religion of Kerala Pentecostal Churches in a Context of Temporary Economic Migration to Kuwait.

Dr. John has been an itinerant evangelist speaking at churches throughout the United States, especially among ethnic immigrant churches, such as West African, Hispanic, Slavik, Korean, and Indian churches. He also teaches annually in various seminaries overseas including the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine, Faith Theological Seminary in Kerala, India and Mission India Theological Seminary in Nagpur, India.

Why attend the Allianace Theological Seminary:

When asked why he chose to serve at ATS, he responded, “I believe God has called me to serve the global church by raising leaders for church and society. I can imagine no better place to fulfill that calling than at ATS-Nyack. Let me give you three reasons. First, the location in New York provides the opportunity to serve not only locally in a very diverse context, but also globally through transnational networks. Second, a missional ethos with a long heritage in preparing and sending missionaries is central to the Seminary, the College and the C&MA denomination. Third, being housed within the larger Nyack College family, ATS has the opportunity to integrate theological and missiological studies with other disciplines such as the humanities, sciences and business so that students get well-rounded education”.

Something interesting about Dr. John is that he has quite a sweet tooth and loves trying desserts from diverse cultures. His favorites are Tres Leches and Tiramisu.