May 6-12 | Celebrating National Nurses Week

May 6-12 is National Nurses Week. As an institution that proudly offers the Bachelor of Nursing degree, we salute our 2020 nursing school graduates who have chosen to courageously and selflessly serve in this essential role—a ministry in demand like never before. We salute these graduates as they enter the next chapter of their lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Aimee Sebastian Abraham
Deborah Rebecca Drake
Naomi Rivqah Emanuel
Nina Faleska
Moriah Perkins Jones
Alyssa Jade Kim
Sonia P. Kurian
Andrea Elizabeth Lewis
Mikayla Spicer Mukon
Brittany Marie Sochulak
Rachel Urbaine Sylverne
Sina Thyophilose
Nissy Varghese
Nelson Zheng

“The Class of 2020 is equipped to arise making a difference as a new nursing workforce, says Dr. Inseon Hwang, dean of the School of Nursing. “They will provide nursing care with the same level of love and commitment seen in Nyack alumni and nurses around the world. The skillful hands, compassion, and prayer will be a silent breeze for patients and coworkers. Peace and shalom will be the imprint for the fruit of their labors.”

Congratulations and may the grace and favor of God be with each of you!