Marvele Jean-Baptiste: Pursuing Her Passion for Serving

After graduating from a community college, Marvele Jean-Baptiste did an extensive search for a school where she could continue her nursing studies. Either the colleges of interest were not affordable or she was wait-listed. Her mother, Micheline Jean-Baptiste, offered what turned out to be a perfect solution. Mrs. Jean-Baptiste suggested her daughter consider Nyack College, her alma mater, where she had earned a Bachelor of Science in organizational management in 2010.

Nyack’s core value of being socially relevant—preparing students to serve in ministerial, educational, healing, and community-building professions—aligned seamlessly with Marvele’s personal values. “I have always had a heart for people who are hurting and in need,” she explains. “I want to have the ability to make people feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Nursing gives me a sense of purpose and makes me feel impactful in people’s lives, which is very rewarding.” Not surprisingly, she hopes to serve as a hospital critical care nurse, but she has placed that goal in God’s hands. “I am still praying and relying on God to show me the plans He has for me.”

Waiting for divine direction doesn’t mean Marvele is idle. “I don’t like sitting in one place. I love seeing new things, meeting and talking to new people. With this profession, I am able to do these things while also learning new skills and gaining knowledge, which nursing clinicals provide for her. “We are designated to a hospital site and get the opportunity to shadow nurses and practice nursing skills. I love this because I am able to give care to patients and learn how to apply everything I have learned in the classroom.” That’s also something she was able to do this past summer. Beginning in June 2018, she volunteered at New Life Community Health Center in Queens, NY where she conducted patient assessments.

As she becomes credentialed academically through Nyack’s accredited nursing program, Marvele is also taking advantage of personal and spiritual formation as a member of the 2018-2019 “Woman,” rites of passage program for senior female students. Even before the program began in September, she credits Nyack’s impact on her life beyond the books. “Nyack has changed me in so many ways,” she says. “When I first came to this campus, I was very quiet, reserved, and uninvolved with activities and events. Little by little, being here pulled me out of my shell and motivated me to talk with and meet people from different cultures and ethnicities. Now I know so many people on campus.”

What advice would Marvele give prospective Nyack nursing students?

“Put God first and to know His word and what He says about you. At times you may become overwhelmed when it comes to all the assignments or grades you may have received. Remember to pause and go to God because He will make a way. If you feel unqualified, He will make you qualified. Remember not to compare yourself to others because your journey will be uniquely yours. Have faith, even when it is hard. Never make others feel less than when you do well. Support one another and rely on God.”